A Toolkit for Successful Meeting Facilitation
The need for innovation, accelerating change, intense competition, elevated customer demands. Whatever the challenges your organization is facing, meetings can play a role in moving your organization forward. A chance for new ideas to be born, key information to be shared, important decisions to be made, action plans catalyzed and commitment sparked. Given the potential opportunity meetings represent, isn’t it worth the investment to make
them as productive as possible?

FacilitationWorks provides those who lead meetings and groups that work together regularly with the set of tools they can use to get the highest return from the time invested. People learn to:

  • Prepare themselves and others to get the most out of group meetings
  • Start meetings in a way that sets the stage for constructive participation
  • Encourage the high levels of engagement and dialogue crucial to positive results
  • Provide the structure and control necessary for focusing
    the group toward objectives
  • Close meetings with assurances of action and follow-up
  • Manage the challenges associated with meeting virtually


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