I CARE Service is a flexible learning experience with a 3 hour core, tailored specifically to the health care, life care and related services arena. Course materials can be easily customized and expanded to meet the specific needs of your organization. From an organizational perspective I CARE Service makes perfect sense…referrals spring from an I CARE approach. Positive word of mouth is the best marketing strategy around. From an individual perspective delivering I CARE service can rekindle personal satisfaction and teamwork sometimes compromised in a harried, stressful environment. When co-workers follow the CARE principles with others, quality of life improves and retention follows.

I CARE Service is a hands-on, practical approach. People learn to:

  • Build rapport from the first moment of contact
  • Listen to and acknowledge needs and feelings
  • Respond to requests in a constructive, caring manner
  • Use positive, helpful language even under challenging circumstances
  • Make a positive lasting impression



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