A Toolkit for Persuasive Speaking
Who’s got time to prepare? The pace of the workplace encourages people to create their messages as they go, to “wing” it. Yet in business we become impatient with the lack of preparation, absence of data and missing logic we need to make sound decisions. No wonder people don’t get the results they want from presentation opportunities.

PresentationWorks provides tools for efficient, focused speaking preparation – whether in large groups, small groups or one-on-one. Additional tools help learners deliver their messages with professionalism and conviction. People learn to:

  • Decide on clear, listener-oriented presentation objectives
  • Organize and prepare a presentation format to meet objectives and generate action
  • Manage eye contact and gestures to strengthen their message
  • Maximize their voice to convey confidence and energy
  • Select and design visual aids to reinforce key points and evidence
  • Get listeners involved by making information sharing interactive
  • Handle question and answer sessions with confidence
  • Keep nervousness under control


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